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The Best Deodorants for Men from the Parfums Bleu

The Best Deodorants for Men from the Parfums Bleu

Parfums Bleu Limited is one of the newest names in the field of men’s deodorants. However many of the deodorants from the company are already making their mark among the best deodorants for men to check out. Here are some of the different options that Parfums Bleu Limited has to offer for men’s deodorant.

The Blue deodorant is a popular option. The deodorant uses a woody pine base with top notes in citrus scents such as lemon and grapefruit. The deodorant goes on easily and will not irritate the skin.

The Blue Stratos deodorant is big thanks to the power that is created through the deodorant. It uses the popular Fougere fragrance blend that works to combine oak moss and lavender together to create a masculine scent that is romantic and attractive. Cedarwood and vanilla base notes are used along with lemon and patchouli blends.

A modern option to see is the Gold deodorant. This is a fresh contemporary option that is noted for its citrus scent. The lime, lemon and bergamot fragrances used at the peak of the deodorant help to make this scent possible. Other herbs that can work, including rosemary and conifer, are ones that help to make the deodorant attractive and not too intense.

The last option from Parfums Bleu Limited is the English Blazer deodorant. This is a top quality deodorant that uses marine top notes alongside citrus and floral scents. Sandalwood and musk base notes are used in this deodorant. This is a sporty scent that is luxurious without creating an intense or dominating feel.

The best deodorants for men to check out are ones from Parfums Bleu Limited. The four options used here are ones that offer quality scents that are masculine and are appealing to others. These are also popular in that even with their qualities they are not going to be too strong.