Khaki in light color


Khaki, Men Fashion Trend for Summer 2011

Khaki, Men Fashion Trend for Summer 2011

Summer will never be complete without the mention of khaki. It is the perfect neutral as a matter of fact. It should be the focus of your summer collection. It can be the perfect base for any color you wan for the season Khaki should be a summer staple for men. Why should you ask? For one, khaki is easy on the eyes. It is easy to wear. It has class. It has sophistication- and it is better worn than white. The color has this kind of versatility that it transcends style, time and trend. Just take a look at it.

Because it has been in the fashion runways for quite some time, it is safe to say that this has become a fashion classic. The proper definition of a khaki is that it is of the light dusty brown color. But since fashion designers are creative people, they have come to interpret the color and it ranges from the camouflage dark green hue to the camel like shade. The camouflage hue is partly due to the designers’ homage tot e military and the camel color, well, takes part when the designer wants to be imbibed in the safari look.

Naturally, khaki is neutral, something earthy and dusty. As its natural color, it is better paired with a much vivid shirt or clothing. Complete the package by wearing your favorite pair of shoes.

Khaki in light color would appear as beige or tan. If you wan to be more sophisticated, use it as the color of your trench coat. Just pray that it rains in the summer. On the more formal side, this color would look great on grey, navy or black suit. For a work to play look, pair your khakis with denim shirt and a tie in block color.

Dark khakis are more associated with the military look. The more you move towards the green hues, the more it become more military, hence the look becomes more popular in the winter season. But to those who would like to experiment with this color this season, there is no time to have the dust settle in. The Spring Utility look has geared up. This means that you can now have distressed khakis in cable knit.