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Mens Sneakers and Shoes in 2011

Men’s Sneakers and Shoes in 2011

Footwear is a perennial topic that has many in and out styles at any one time. When it comes to men’s shoes you have to consider whether they are for office wear or casual. If you look at some of the fashion pictures that are taken on the streets of Italy or France or Spain you will see men in suits with tie up dress shoes and no socks. But this is not as popular in the US.

When it comes to casual shoes there appears to be no limit on the styles that are popular. A pair of Converse red hi-tops really catches the eye and is a very popular shoe choice for some men. But one hot style that remains is boots, boots of any type or purpose. Chukkas or work boots. Construction boots even if you are not in construction. And broken in is better. Utility boots and the so called engineer’s boots remain popular. For 2011 various forms of espadrilles remain popular.

For some men, sandals remain a popular choice. But not all men are comfortable with sandals as their footwear of choice for everyday wear. They are still thought of as the purvey of hippies. White sneakers that are pristine white remain popular but so do those broken down pair of tattered sneakers that have seen a lot of wear. Jordan’s remain in style and a man should have at least on pair of those in his closet to wear with those high end jeans perhaps?