top watch brands for men


Best Watch Brands for Men

Best Watch Brands for Men

With all the different watch brands out there, it’s hard to pick the best watch brand for men. There are men watches that are considered sporty, watches for office wear, and watches that give off a fashion statement. These are some of the top watch brands for men that should meet the expectations for those men looking for a particular look.

Men who are looking for a watch with style and quality can find it in Fossil watches. The Fossil Men’s Ana-Digi Stainless Watch is geared toward the man looking for a sporty and casual look. It features a wide leather strap that emphasizes a black dial, is waterproof, with a brown band color. This watch has an 11 year Fossil warranty.

For those men looking for a more elegant looking watch, the Fossil Men’s Stainless Analog Diamond Watch offers a men’s bracelet design with a black dial. It sports an Analog display with a stainless steel silver casing and comes with an 11 year Fossil warranty. The case size is 50mm with a thickness of 11mm.

Seiko is another popular brand for men and although a little pricier than the Fossil brand, Seiko has a wide variety of watches to meet every man’s needs. The Seiko Solar Men’s Two-Tone Watch offers men a watch with both silver and gold tones. It is a bracelet type watch with an analog display with white dial and solar movement. It has a 3 year Seiko warranty and features a day and date calendar and a two-tone stainless steel case.

Other watch brands that men may be interested in are: Accutron, Andy Warhol, Ed Hardy, Kenneth Cole and Phosphor. Each brand has its own unique feature and will provide men with specific detailing as well as the perfect wear.